proBV formula®

The cutting-edge, patented and scientifically researched agent for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) treatment assistance and prevention.

How Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) works?

proBV formula® fights BV by targeting a toxin produced by pathogenic bacteria.


Bacterial environment —

A healthy acidic vaginal environment is maintained by several species of Lactobacillus bacteria. These good bacteria are responsible for preventing the growth of disease-causing agents that cause bacterial vaginosis.

Disequilibrium in the natural vaginal microbiota results in pH imbalance and decline in the Lactobacilli population. As a consequence, bacterial vaginosis develops mostly due to the multiplication of the pathogenic bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis.


Neutralization of vaginolysin —

Vaginolysin toxin is a potent virulence factor secreted by Gardnerella vaginalis. Vaginolysin allows the establishment of biofilms - a mutually dependent consortium of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other forming a surface that can hardly be penetrated by drugs such as antibiotics. Neutralization of vaginolysin promoted by ProBV formula® effectively destroys these biofilms.


Relapses —

Given the low efficacy of conventional antibiotic treatments, it is very common to observe infection relapses in women treated for bacterial vaginosis. The frequency of relapses can surpass 50% in a period of twelve months following conventional treatment. Moreover, antibiotics target disease and non-disease causing bacteria. Also, like any other antibiotic treatment, bacteria can develop resistance over time.


Pregnancy risks —

There is a great need of more effective methods for BV treatment assistance and prevention. In addition to their lack of effectiveness, drugs frequently used to treat bacterial vaginosis can potentially cause serious side-effects. Particularly, the use of these medications by pregnant women can be harmful to their fetuses.


Why proBV formula® ?

It’s an innovative agent that contains an antibody fragment capable of specifically neutralizing vaginolysin.

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proBV formula® is available in different forms: premium intimate hygiene washes, ovules and gel.

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Made with ovules that contain proBV formula®


reduced reoccurrence rate after 3 months of the course


of women didn’t feel any BV symptoms after one week's course


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